Coppersea Distilling Big Angus Green Malt Whiskey 375ML

Big Angus Green Malt Whiskey

A unique product from a unique distillery, explained best by the distillery:

"Big Angus is an oak-aged single malt whisky made with 100 percent unkilned, or “green” two-row barley malt. Typically, malted grain is kiln-dried after the germination process to generate nutty flavors and aromas and to make it non-perishable for storage and shipping. Since Coppersea is one of the rare distilleries in the world to malt its grain in-house, we are able to use the fresh green malt immediately, preserving the earthy, herbaceous qualities that are lost in kilning. Coppersea Distilling is proud to bring this ancient, all-but-lost style of whisky back into the world."

Big Angus honors the memory of Coppersea’s founding Master Distiller, Angus MacDonald.

A true taste of New York terroir.

48% ABV, 96 Proof