Taconic Distillery Logo

Started in 2013, by Paul Coughlin and Gerald Valenti, Taconic Distillery operates out of Standfordville, NY. The Coughlin family purchased what is now known as Rolling Hills Farm in Stanfordville, NY. The Farm’s corn fields and natural spring water became the inspiration for Taconic Distillery’s entrance to Dutchess County’s local agribusiness market. 

Gerry’s role as a co-founder of Taconic Distillery is a culmination of his studies in Engineering and a lifetime love of the science of food and beverage. A gentleman farmer, winemaker and forager, Gerry’s passion for the earth and the bounty it provides is instrumental in the selection of Hudson Valley grains utilized in our spirits.

Their logo boosts an image of their foxhound, Copper. Bootleggers used the American foxhound as a scout to protect against Government Agents and the hounds were trained to howl when they approached. This gave bootleggers time to hide or move the moonshine.

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