20 Plate Vodka

    20 Plate Vodka


    Black Button 20 Plate Vodka is a surprisingly smooth foundation you can build your drink and your evening on. It is born from 90% soft white wheat and a touch of malted barley grown on a family farm situated on the western slopes of Conesus Lake, just 45 minutes away from our distillery. It is this local grain that gives us the smooth taste, body, and feel that every distiller desires for their Vodka, and we are proud to have such desirable grain growing right here in the rich soil of the Finger Lakes Region.

    The term ‘20 Plate’ comes from the process in which we distill our vodka and the 20 distilling plates it goes through.


    Available Sizes: 750mL & 375mL

    Proof: 84 (42% ABV)

    Composition: 95% Wheat • 5% Malted Barley

    First Released: 2015

    Seasonality: Year-Round