Atsby Vermouth Amberthorn

Amberthorn is rich and aromatic. Botanicals include Chinese Anise, French lavender, holy basil and citrus. Fortified with 100% New York apple brandy. This blonde vermouth is complex, warm and unexpected.

We started with the warm, nearly-glowing color. Amber begins as tree resin, then fossilizes into the glassy material that has been used as jewelry since the stone age. It can also serve as a perfume, and has medicinal purposes. It’s transformative; it’s rare. It’s us.

Then we moved on to taste. Our lighter vermouth is complex, warm and unexpected. It comes on strong and segues into soft – a little prickle to shelter the sweet. Like a thorn, existing to protect the most vulnerable of nature’s creations – delicate roses, soft berries – it embodies function and strength.

Our blonde vermouth is transformation. It’s sharp and gentle. It’s a metamorphosis of wine, brandy, honey, herbs and spices into something entirely new.

16% ABV, 32 Proof