Black Fly Maple Bourbon

    Black Fly Maple Bourbon


    Our take on American whiskey, with a mash bill of 70% New York rye and 30% New York corn — as with all of our whiskies, crafted from grains grown in the valleys surrounding the Adirondack Mountains. Distilled then aged in our used American oak barrels, this American whiskey enjoys the benefits of what remains in the oak, at rest with the subtle remnants of our bourbon that permeate each barrel’s charred interior.

    The spice of the rye, melded with the sweetness of the corn, gives this whiskey a bit more complexity, with a strong yet smooth finish. Exhibiting a robust flavor profile, our American whiskey is a true testament to the enduring spirit of those who seek out adventures in our mountains.

    45.1% ABV, 90.2 Proof