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The Finger Lakes region is home to quite a few small farms, from which Finger Lakes Distilling sources its grains and fruits that go into their spirits. Perhaps best known for their whiskies, Finger Lakes Distilling also makes flavored vodkas and liqueurs in the traditional manner, by soaking real fruits in the spirit. No extracts or synthetic flavorings are used.

All spirits flow through one of two copper stills at Finger Lakes Distilling. The first still is a 350-gallon potstill with a 20-foot rectification column, made by the Holstein Company in Germany. The second is a 25-foot tall continuous still and copper thumper from Vendome Copper & Brass Works that’s mostly used for making whiskey. Whiskey is first matured in new, charred oak barrels then some are finished in casks from local wineries.

The entire process is housed at Finger Lakes Distilling. In keeping with their traditional vision, spent grains from fermentation are used by local farmers as animal feed. 

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