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New York Craft Spirits opened in 2016 in hope of bringing the best of this craft distilling revolution to you, the conscientious consumer. We only sell craft distillates from New York State distilleries and believe that one day soon New York will be well known for the quality and breadth of its spirits. New York Craft Spirits exists to support the burgeoning boozy craft spirits industry here in New York State. There are many interesting products coming out of New York and expect even more to come in the years ahead.

New York is making great Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Brandy, Vermouth, and Bitters. There are also dozens of specialty liquors that don't fit into traditional spirit categories as well as a number of heritage spirits, traditional to cultures as diverse as New York itself. Perhaps most exciting are the traditional spirits being made un-traditionally (or uber-traditionally) that break from the sterility and plainness currently available in mass market products.

Our goal at NYCS is to highlight, showcase and make available all of the wonderful distillates currently coming out of New York. We recognize the importance of helping great distilleries tell their story and will be featuring new products and distillers as they emerge on the market. New York Craft Spirits is based out of Sussex Wines & Spirits. Sussex Wines has been family-owned for over 30 years in Midtown Manhattan, just around the corner from the United Nations.