New York Craft Spirits Statue of Liberty

Since The Farm Distillery Act of 2007, New York State has had an explosion of craft distilleries, thanks mostly to the creation of the Farm Distillery license. This license makes it easier for small businesses to open and operate a distillery in New York than any other state, and a large part of the reason why New York has more distilleries than any other state in the Union. 

One of the main stipulations of the Farm Distillery license is that distillers have to use primarily New York farm and food products as ingredients. Fortunately, New York is a big state with a rich agricultural tradition and productive land.

Another stipulation of the Farm Distillery license is that products can be bottled in containers of one quart or less, so you won't be seeing magnum size bottles of cheap spirit, only quality spirits distilled from quality products.

The biggest limitation of New York farm distilleries is a manufacturing limit of 35,000 gallons per year. That means many of the products will be sold out from time to time. Be patient, request information on the product, and in the meantime explore another great spirit from New York State.