1892 Apple Brandy
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    1892 Apple Brandy


    Cider from apples freshly pressed by Rulfs Orchard, fermented, distilled, and aged less than thirty-five miles from where the apples were grown and picked. We make our 1892 Apple Brandy in very much the same way we produce our whiskies, letting it rest in new American oak barrels after two distillations. As with our Blackfly Bourbon, you get a touch of that oak in our brandy. It’s crisp and snappy, much like apple cider but without the lingering sweetness. A bit dry, with a floral nose and a taste as pure as the process through which it’s crafted.

    1892 Apple Brandy is an ode to Gristmill Distillers’ home, the Adirondack Park. Established by the New York State Legislature in 1892, it encompasses six million acres and is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States. The land was further protected by an amendment to the New York State Constitution at the 1894 Constitutional Convention, which declared the park ‘forever wild’. Our 1892 Apple Brandy is made with New York apples grown on New York land– forever made in the mountains, forever Adirondacks.

    41% ABV, 82 Proof