Tommyrotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin 750 ML

Barrel Aged Gin

Tommyrotter Distillery

Distilled in the same fashion, with the same botanical profile as Tommyrotter's American Gin, this un-aged spirit is then placed in virgin White American Oak barrels (Char # 3) at 62.5% ABV to rest. After the maturation period, the alcohol level dipped to 61% ABV. Filtered using non-chill-filtration, as to not disturb the delicate essential oils that maintain the spirit’s gin profile. Each bottle was filled and labeled by hand at the distillery in the Hydraulics manufacturing district of Buffalo.

Drinkers will enjoy a rich copper hue, with aromas of violets, baked pear, fennel, and honeyed nutmeg. Hitting the palate with full weight and a rounded texture there are notes of apricot, clove spice, and citrus peel. The lingering finish dances with white peppercorn, toasted ginger, and a warming vanilla spice.

61% ABV, 122 Proof

$ 60.00