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    Union Grove Distillery is a farm distillery, opened in early 2016 and located in Arkville, New York in the bucolic Catskill Mountains. The name was borrowed from the lost town of Union Grove which once stood 10 miles south of the distillery location and now lies beneath the cold waters of the Pepacton Reservoir. Union grove was sacrificed in the 1950’s along with 3 other towns to make way for the Pepacton which is one of several reservoirs in upstate New York that supply pristine drinking water to New York City. Union Grove Distillery is fortunate to have at its disposal this same pristine water for its production. They do have one up on NYC though; they get this water directly at its source.......The Catskill Mountains, otherwise known as their home. Brian Mulder and Todd Pascarella are the co-owners, distillers, bottlers, bartenders, mashers and fermenters, etc. Both are very experienced entrepreneurs and Union Grove is their first foray into distilling. Brian and Todd are hard at work melding high tech with old world, crafting their own unique approach to spirit making at the distillery.

    The results thus far are very promising. Union Grove’s first offering, Vly Creek Vodka distilled from apples and wheat, won a bronze medal at the 2016 Denver International Spirits Competition. The boys are just getting started though. Throughout the year several products will be under development for future release ranging from unconventional spirits made from locally produced maple syrup, to more conventional ones including bourbon and rye.

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