"All of our local grain ingredients are Certified Organic; from our Viking Corn that we grow on six acres of land to the Two Row Malted Barley. Even the hand-picked peaches, pears and cherries that we have growing all over our farm were bought over seven years ago as Certified Organic –  and have never been sprayed with any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, ever.  The Wild Blackberries that are used to flavor some of our spirits have never been sprayed, are hand picked, and as flavorful as they come.  The Certified Organic Strawberries that are used to flavor the Unburdened Strawberry Flavored Whiskey are grown locally at the Farm at Miller’s Crossing. The Certified Organic Blueberries that are used to flavor the Unburdened Corn Whiskey Infused with Blueberries were also grown locally at Thompson-Finch Farm.  

Unburdened Spirits are also New York State Grown & Certified, which stands for local, safely-handled, and environmentally responsible agricultural products. We hope that you enjoy our spirits, knowing that every ingredient has been grown or hand-selected by us, locally. Our mission of providing spirits that are made without the use of herbicides or pesticides isn’t our job, it’s our passion!  Just the ingredients, with none of the nonsense. By carefully selecting cuts and using handcrafted barrels we create a smooth spirit with a finish that begs for another sip."

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Unburdened Whiskey