Buckwheat Whiskey
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    Buckwheat Whiskey


    Pretty brown color, engaging dry aromas of chalk, cement and dry earth that are mingled with caramel and cocoa bean in the first whiffs after the pour; seven minutes later, the nose is awash in cereal grain, honeyed and toasted marshmallow notes that somehow work. Entry is gently, succulently sweet, intensely grainy and rich in vanilla extract; mid palate goes deeper than the entry or the breakfast cereal front as the taste profile enlarges by the nanosecond to include zesty flavors of beeswax, caramel, nougat/candy bar and cane syrup. A new breed of American whiskey is born.

    Not technically whiskey, this cerebral spirit is distilled from 80% buckwheat, 20% small grains.

    Spicy like a rye but truly a unique and interesting distillate that any whiskey lover should try.

    42% ABV, 84 Proof