Black Fly Bourbon

    Black Fly Bourbon


    Our 100% New York corn whiskey, aged in new American oak barrels crafted by the coopers of U.S. Barrel in nearby Wilmington. Hints of oak and sap mingle with a touch of corn– just enough to remind you that it’s a bourbon whiskey born of Adirondack farmland. A little spice, a clean finish, with a hint of oak remaining.

    Black flies are synonymous with the Adirondacks, as anyone spending time here can tell you. Like us, they’re active in the mountains and seek out adventurers making their way through the High Peaks. We grudgingly co-exist with these small but fierce locals (and find that our Blackfly bourbon whiskey is just the thing to take the edge off their bite).

    42.2% ABV, 84.4 Proof